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Wayne Churchill Window*

"The purpose of the Church Library is to serve the congregation with inspirational reading, worship resources, and any other materials that enrich the spiritual and intellectual lives of our members and support the program ministries of the church."

The Grace Library features books, resources, and media for children, teens and adults.  The Library contains selections from diverse perspectives on theology, other religions, social issues, biography, history, and other topics of interest.  Also offered are commentaries, dictionaries, maps and other materials of use to teachers and participants of various Christian education classes and study groups at Grace Church.  The Grace Library provides resources for parents, teachers, families, clergy, and caregivers of those with special needs.

Special collections are available to serve the following ministries:

  • United Methodist Women
  • Stephen Ministries
  • Open Doors Ministry
  • Christian Education Classes
  • Study Groups

Loan Period = Two Weeks
Reference - Limited to "In Building Use Only"

*The stained glass window in the Grace Library was originally part of our former church edifice.  It was re-acquired, along with several other windows throughout the church, refurbished and re-installed in the Church Library.  This project was conducted by the Grace Church Stained Glass Window Task Force and funded by generous donors to this very special endeavor.  The window in the Library has been dedicated in memory of Wayne Churchill.

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