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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Your Finances...But Were Afraid To Ask
Women of all ages are welcome to attend a free Women and Finance Seminar on Saturday, November 8, 8:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m. at Grace Church, sponsored by the Grace Church Foundation.  Expert financial speakers include Peggy Tomisek Nasti, CPA; Kim Coogan, Estate Planning Attorney; Mary Jo Ardizzone, Financial Advisor; Karen Anselmo, V.P. and Wealth Management Officer; and Jo Ellen Bender, retired bank executive.  Topics include financial goals, managing budgets, managing debt, saving for retirement, saving for college, life insurance, financial net worth, gifting, estate planning, divorce, death of a spouse, and leaving a legacy.  This seminar is presented in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.  There are no dumb questions, and all women are welcome!

Register with the Grace Church office (630-355-1748).

Giving Through the Grace Church Foundation
Is the spirit tugging on your heart?  Would you like to say "How can I help with missions?" or "How can I assist in the education of our children?"  Eighteen years ago, the Grace Church Foundation was incorporated to promote and develop religious, charitable and educational activities and underwrite non-recurring initiatives not regularly budgeted by the church.  In 1992, the Foundation's funds totaled $24,555.  Today, these assets amount to over $500,000.

Over the years, many Grace members have given generously through the Foundation to enhance the physical church building and grounds, provide for educational opportunities for clergy and staff, and fund special needs of various ministries.  Most of the funds managed by the Foundation are principal retained, meaning that only the earnings are available for use.  Look around and see how other charitable organizations are using their monies.  How much money goes to the actual project?  Is it diverted to administration, lobbyists, grant writers, etc.?  Here at Grace, funds that are entrusted to the Grace Church Foundation are used 100% for the purposes that benefactors intend. 

God called me to provide the Rodney Gene Lacy Memorial Garden at Grace.  I was called to give it to you for the interment of your loved ones.  People continue to thank me for this gift to Grace.  The Ruth Gish family felt the same calling.  Through the Grace Church Foundation, they provided for the continuing education of Grace ministers and staff and set up an endowment to accomplish that.  Mardelle Fleming, in memory of her husband, Herbert, established an endowment to be used for emergency assistance to Grace families or individuals.  Anna Stephenson established scholarship dollars for Grace students who would like to attend North Central College.  It was in this spirit of providing opportunities for our congregation to listen to the Holy Spirit and say "Here I am; use me!" that the Grace Church Foundation was established.

Grace Foundation Board members are always available to discuss planned giving opportunities with members of the congregation.  We are excited about spreading our Love of Christ with others, encouraging unique giving and looking for ways to foster awareness of Christian stewardship.  If the spirit is encouraging you to provide a special gift to Grace, please call me and learn how your gift can bless us all!

In Christ,

Ginny Lacy

Chair, Grace Foundation Board of Directors
630-420-7440 or
Julie Hynes, Vice President; Merle Clewett; Ali Hashimi; Bob Long; John McGoogan; Scott Oats

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