Core Group
: Pastor Bob Atkins, Charlie Gregory, Bob Keethler, Julie Lichter, Bob Poland, John Ried
Building Committee: John Bodine
Resource Coordinator: Sarah Reid
Advance Commitment Leaders: Mark Himel, Tom Clewett
Children/Youth Leaders: Tom Blair, Rick Loufek
Special Gifts Leaders: Ginny Lacy, Julie Hynes
Spiritual Emphasis Leaders:  Eric Jungnickel, Dawne Martin
Creative Leader:  Jim Nelson

"A Firm Foundation Forever"

We are currently about $500,000 short of our goal of $2 million.  If you have not yet returned your commitment form, please drop it off/mail it to the church office, or drop it in the offering plate.  Or, if you have already made your commitment and are able to change it with either an additonal beginning gift or a longer term increased pledge, please consider doing that now so that we can move forward with all of our projects.  You may also make or change your commitment here online.

Throughout the years, Grace Church Trustees have carefully watched over our facilities, maintaining them, making recommendations for improvements, and carrying out the implementation of approved improvements.  In January 2012, a Capital Projects Study Committee was formed in order to explore facility improvement needs as well as outreach opportunities.  This committee of 11 committed individuals  identified four areas for improvements. On Sunday, August 19, 2012, a Church Conference voted on the authorization of a Capital Campaign for the projects the committee identified.  The weekend of April 6-7 marks the official kick-off of the campaign.  At left, please find an "Important Campaign Dates" postcard and "Question and Answers" brochure regarding details of the improvements identified and the Capital Campaign to fund them.

Please feel free to contact with your questions or for further information.

"A Firm Foundation Forever" will fund improvements in the following four key areas:

Facility Improvements:  HVAC component replacement and maintenance; resurfacing of parking lots; replacement of inefficient lighting; roofing
Life Safety Upgrades:  Installation of secrutiy camera network; implementation of keycard acces system; upgrade of fire alarm system; installation of classroom phone/intercom system
Kitchen:  Improvement of the drain for triple sinks; installation of a fire suppression system over the stove
Outreach:  External electric sign

Make your commitment to support the Capital Campaign now!

In addition to your financial commitments, you can help our campaign in these ways:

PRAY - In the months to come, you are asked to pray for guidance, seeking God's will in determining your role during this important time at Grace UMC.
PRAISE - Praise God for the current Grace ministries and those to be developed within the walls of this church.  Praise God for our ability to keep moving forward in these ministries and for all the lives that will be touched.  
PLAN - The campaign team is prayerfully planning the future of our church.  We are still in need of "planners" for our "Firm Foundation Forever" campaign.  Plan to be part of the future God has planned for Grace!

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